Horse's need Forage....

Forage is an essential part of the horse's diet and feeding horse's well and effectively is made easier when using high quality forage like Equine H. Many horse's when fed enough high quality forage will need much less or no extra hard feed.

Why does your horse need Forage?

  • To provide essential nutrients. Forage is a valuable source of fibre, protein, calories and some vitamins
  • Helps to mantain gut mobility and efficient digestion
  • A constant supply of fibre to aid the fermentation in the hind gut ensuring it performs at its best making sure the bacteria levels stay balanced avoiding problems such as colic
  • Reduced risk of gastric ulcers. Eating forage requires large amounts of chewing which produces essential saliva which helps to line the stomach and reduce the risk of ulcers
  • Supports production of Vitamin B, which helps your horse's metabolism and appetite
  • Keeps your horse occupied and happy, horses who have limited forage will become bored and then could pick up vices such as crib biting. Horses with a full stomach are happy horses!

As you can see forage is very important and should not just be mistaken as a bulk feed. This is why it is very important to feed a high quality forage product and not be pulled towards cheaper low quality products which will not provide essential nutrients therefore increasing the hard feed your horse will need and possibly creating other problems such as respiratory problems from dust and fungal spores.