How is Equine H Made

Equine H is a high quality product made from quality rye and traditional meadow grass specifically sown and grown on our farm in Devon for the purpose of producing a consistent dust free haylage high in fibre and dry matter with the ideal protein levels for your horse.

Once ready the grass is cut and turned until the optimum time when the moisture content is exactly how we want it between 35-45%, This take approximately 24 hours in good sunny weather. The grass is then baled into large round bales then wrapped and stored.

The large bales are stored for a minimum of 6 weeks to allow them to naturally ferment, The wrap covering the bales prevents any development of fungal spores,

Once ready the bales will then be processed through our machine which packages them into the 24kgbales that you can buy in the shops. They are sealed to ensure the quality and freshness will last.

Throughout this process no artificial preservatives or additives are used.