Why feed Equine H

In general haylage is recommended over other forage products as it does not contain dust and mould spores that can be found in hay, meaning your horse's respiratory health will be maintained or even improved. 

Well made haylage such as Equine H contains a good level of protein, calories, fibre and some vitamins and minerals, Haylage is also low in sugar which is good for your horse's diet.

Our packaged bales are very popular and this is why!!!

  • Consistent high quality mould and dust free haylage throughout the season
  • Packaged bale means easy to handle, store and transport
  • Larger bale than most competitors means better value for money. 
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Reduces concentrate consumption
  • No waste, so no mess unlike with some larger bales
  • Sweet smelling and appealing

Your horse's will love it!!!